The 3 Step Creative Process All Marketers Should Know with Haylee Kalani McDonald

The three-step creative process all marketers should know

Ugh, competition again. It seems like there’s always someone trying to outdo you and steal your clients.

It must be tough doing business.

Well, like it or not, competition is a natural part of the business world, and you have to play by the rules.

But don’t lose hope!

If you already have a great product or service, that’s where marketing steps in to make sure everybody knows about it.

With the right strategy, you can become the best.

Sure, designing a winning campaign is similar to walking a tightrope where you need to perfectly balance creativity with strategy and vision with execution.

Difficult? Yes. Impossible? Absolutely not!

Our latest guest, Haylee Kalani McDonald, Founder & Owner of Kalani Consulting, brings to light a three-step creative process all marketers should know that can turn the tables in your favor:

  1. The Initial Brainstorm;
  2. The Blending of Idea and Execution;
  3. The Implementation and Testing.

Let’s dive into each step to understand how they can transform your marketing efforts.

But first…

Who is Haylee Kalani McDonald?

Thinking big, solving problems, grabbing attention, and working efficiently has been Haylee’s specialty since she was a kid.

Ever since, she has followed her passion and used her unique gifts of solving problems and creating solutions to help companies position themselves to create more impact, innovation, and income.

She does this by working alongside marketing teams to simplify the creation and collaboration process so they can launch projects and get more valuable work done faster.

Haylee’s journey into entrepreneurship began with an internship at a recording studio. Initially wishing to manage artists and own a record label, she soon realized the financial hardships in the industry.

This made Haylee delve into marketing and branding, leading her to say, “I decided to get into it and was educated in digital marketing, and eventually I started playing around with it in my own way with the bands I was surrounded by and the recording studios I was involved with. And it started to work and they started to notice really positive results. And then I was like ‘shoot, I’m gonna make it a business’.”

Now, where were we? Oh yes…

The Three-Step Creative Process

  • The Initial Brainstorm – It’s all about information gathering. Haylee underscores the importance of collecting as many creative ideas and questions as possible.

“In general, I would say [my creative process] involves three things. There’s the initial brainstorm – and that’s where we’re just gathering as much information, as many questions, as many ideas as possible.”

  • The Blending of Idea and Execution – Here, the focus shifts to converging creative ideas with executable strategies. This is where divergent thinking meets convergent thinking, turning abstract ideas into actionable tasks.
  • The Implementation and Testing – The final stage is where these strategies are put into action, and their effectiveness is tested. This step is crucial for refining and improving future campaigns.

Content Creation and Personalization

You might have heard dozens of times about the importance of content creation. It’s true, but it can be so daunting, especially for those who shy away from the camera.

However, there is a way to do it; you just have to find those methods that align with your comfort level. In some cases, it’s about working through it and practicing mindfulness or relying on AI in content creation. 

“I will say that it will vary depending on who you are as a person. Some people are very reserved; they will not and do not want to get on camera. If that’s the case, will it be a little bit harder for you? Probably, but it’s not impossible to do it. There are so many ways, especially now with AI, that you can create a video to be able to interact and engage with the people who are going to be joining you as followers and a loyal fanbase.”

Marketing isn’t just about having great ideas but also about effectively adapting and executing those ideas based on real-world feedback.

As marketers, embracing this approach can lead to more impactful and resounding campaigns that connect with your audience.

However, it takes patience and persistence. As Haylee wisely puts it, “the sweet fruit takes the longest to grow.”

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