Leadership is about more than just having technical skills and strategic thinking. Influential leaders must connect emotionally with their teams and tap into their values and aspirations.

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A Life Dedicated To Helping Business Leaders And Owners Increase Clarity, Confidence, And Cashflow So They Have More Time To Focus On What Matters Most To Them.

Jevon Wooden is a dynamic keynote speaker who empowers individuals and businesses to improve their productivity, leadership, and communication. With his exceptional track record and diverse experiences, Jevon possesses a rare gift to inspire, uplift, and motivate his audiences.

He has been honored with a Bronze Star for his heroic acts during his service in Afghanistan. He has overcome significant challenges, including facing seven years of imprisonment as a teenager. Despite these obstacles, he has achieved remarkable success as an author and consultant, and now dedicates himself to guiding others through seasons of change and uncertainty.

Jevon’s mission is to help others discover their true potential, define success on their own terms, and pursue their greatness despite seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Jevon Wooden - keynote speaking at the Women in Construction conference

The Empathy Advantage: 

Build Stronger Teams, Drive Innovation, and Cultivate a Winning Culture

Great leaders move beyond authority to ignite teams and drive results. This program equips you with a five-step roadmap to cultivate a psychologically safe and high-performing culture through the power of empathy.

Learning Objectives:

  • Build Trust & Inspire Teams: Learn how to leverage emotional intelligence to connect with your team, foster a supportive environment, and guide your organization through challenges with greater efficiency.
  • Unleash Innovation & Reduce Turnover: Discover the essential strategies for building a workplace where everyone feels free to contribute, take risks, and collaborate without fear.
  • Boost Performance & Employee Engagement: Gain the actionable tools to create a truly inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued, empowered, and motivated to give their best.

This talk is ideal for audiences seeking to:

  • Build High-Performing Teams
  • Improve Employee Engagement & Retention
  • Navigate Challenges with Confidence
  • Create a Thriving Workplace Culture
    Jevon Wooden Speaking At GSU

    Own Your Kingdom
    Control Your Mindset, Control Your Destiny

    In this dynamic presentation, Jevon Wooden shares his remarkable journey of overcoming adversity and embracing a mindset geared for success. Get ready to be inspired as he explores the power of positive self-perception and an abundant mindset for achieving your personal and professional goals

    Through engaging discussions and interactive exercises, Jevon will help you:

    • Unleash Your Potential: Break free from limiting beliefs and cultivate a growth mindset that fuels continuous improvement.
    • Discover Your Driving Force: Gain clarity on your values and motivations to set goals that ignite your passion.
    • Take Actionable Steps: Leave with a personalized blueprint for immediate growth, both personally and at work.

     This talk is ideal for audiences seeking to:

    • Boost Confidence & Motivation
    • Improve Productivity & Goal Achievement
    • Create a More Fulfilling Work and Life Experience
      Jevon Wooden Speaking

      The 5Y Framework:

      In this presentation, Jevon Wooden challenges leaders to go beyond vague goals and discover the specific outcomes that drive true business success. He’ll demystify the “5Y Framework” (Yardstick, Yield, Yare, Yoga, and Yearn), providing a powerful roadmap for identifying the most impactful metrics and achieving sustainable growth.

      Key Takeaways for Attendees:

      • Clarity & Focus: Gain laser-sharp clarity on the results that truly matter for your organization, enabling better decision-making and resource allocation.
      • Data-Driven Strategies: Learn how to track and optimize key success metrics, driving improvements in revenue, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and more.
      • Competitive Advantage: Discover how to differentiate your brand, build stronger customer relationships, and gain a decisive edge in your marketplace.

      This speech is ideal for corporate leaders, managers, and teams seeking:

      • Tangible results and increased profitability
      • Proven strategies for sustainable growth
      • A competitive edge in a dynamic market

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        "Jevon is an exceptional human who possesses a unique ability to guide individuals, and teams, towards their true potential. From our initial session, I was impressed by their deep understanding of the challenges around prioritizing yourself and finding balance in life, he has a genuine passion for helping others succeed. Their remarkable listening skills and empathetic nature created a safe and supportive environment for my team to explore their goals and aspirations."

        Lisa K.
        Director of Product

        “Jevon has a taken for speaking, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody or any organization looking for a strong, energetic, and thoughtful speaker.”

        Kyle G.
        Senior Manager

        “Jevon was great to work with. Eager to ensure that his message included the right points, communicated in a timely manner, exceptionally easy to work with in preparation, and delivered a great presentation.“

        Jordan B.