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A Life Dedicated To Helping Business Leaders And Owners Increase Clarity, Confidence, And Cashflow So They Have More Time To Focus On What Matters Most To Them.

Jevon Wooden is a dynamic keynote speaker who empowers individuals and businesses to improve their productivity, leadership, and communication. With his exceptional track record and diverse experiences, Jevon possesses a rare gift to inspire, uplift, and motivate his audiences.

He has been honored with a Bronze Star for his heroic acts during his service in Afghanistan. He has overcome significant challenges, including facing seven years of imprisonment as a teenager. Despite these obstacles, he has achieved remarkable success as an author and consultant, and now dedicates himself to guiding others through seasons of change and uncertainty.

Jevon's mission is to help others discover their true potential, define success on their own terms, and pursue their greatness despite seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Jevon Wooden speaking on a panel at Marketing For The Culture in Houston

Unleashing The Power OfEmpathetic Leadership

Leadership is about more than just having technical skills and strategic thinking. Influential leaders must connect emotionally with their teams and tap into their values and aspirations.

By following Jevon's five-step framework, leaders can create a culture of camaraderie, improve productivity and retention, and boost their organization's bottom line through the power of storytelling.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand why it's beneficial for leaders to connect with their team's emotions, values, and aspirations
  • Learn specific steps for creating and sharing stories that build trust, respect, and collaboration
  • Get practical tips for using storytelling to connect with team members on a deeper level

Own Your Kingdom: Control Your Mindset, Control Your Destiny

In this inspiring program, Jevon shares the pivotal events that sparked a 180-degree change to demonstrate how positive self-perception and an abundant mindset reinforce one’s personal and professional goals.

Through lively discussion, Jevon leads the audience to discover what drives them, their sticking points, and the path to happiness and productivity. Jevon’s interactive delivery will leave the audience with immediate steps to move them forward in growth at work and home.

Learning Objectives:

  • Unlock the power of a growth mindset
  • Learn how to use self-discovery as a blueprint for success
  • Gain actionable steps for immediate personal and professional growth
Jevon Wooden - keynote speaking at the Women in Construction conference
Jevon Wooden Speaking At GSU

The 5Y Framework: Take Your Business FromFunctional To Phenomenal

In this insightful and comprehensive  speech, Jevon delves into the core question that defines success for leaders and entrepreneurs: "What results matter?"
Drawing on his rich expertise, Wooden identifies and elucidates the five essential "Y's" — Yardstick, Yield, Yare, Yoga, and Yearn. He provides a multi-dimensional exploration of how organizations can enhance revenue, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, market share, and profitability.
Learning Objectives:
  • Understanding and Optimization of Key Success Metrics
  • Comprehensive Approach to Achieving Goals: 
  • How to establish a client connection and a strong brand identity

Something To Talk About

Jevon is recognized as a powerful speaker, coach, and mentor, inspiring thousands of people to unlock their full potential and achieve their greatness.

Inspiration In Action

Follow Jevon’s YouTube channel for insights on how to take action to transform your mindset and achieve personal and business success.


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