Creating a Company Culture of Openness and Growth with Oliver Yonchev, Co-Founder and CEO of Flight Story

Creating A Company Culture of Openness and Growth with Oliver Yonchev - Design Your Life And Business Ep.45

How to build a successful company with strong feedback, clear goals, and the right people

In this episode of Design Your Life & Business – The Leaders Podcast, Jevon Wooden interviews Oliver Yonchev, Co-Founder and CEO of Flight Story. Their discussion digs into the importance of company culture, transparent communication, feedback channels, and team building.

Who is Oliver Yonchev?

Oliver Yonchev is the Co-Founder and CEO of Flight Story, a global marketing and communications company. He has extensive experience in digital marketing and has worked with top brands such as Amazon, Apple, Coca-Cola, and more.

Key Takeaways: Company Culture & Feedback

  • Importance of Feedback Systems: Oliver believes that clear communication and well-defined feedback systems are essential for creating an open, growth-oriented company culture.
  • Transparent Expectations: Set clear goals, expectations and metrics, and value both positive and constructive feedback.
  • Flight Story’s Approach: Flight Story uses a two-tiered feedback system: objective employee satisfaction surveys and team-based feedback loops for performance evaluation.
  • Radical Candor: Creating a safe space for feedback with “radical candor” leads to constructive dialogue without judgment.
  • Timing Matters: Deliver sensitive feedback in private settings.

Hiring for Culture Fit

  • Honesty is Key: Be upfront about your company’s culture, values, and expectations (including high workloads and ambition) to attract the right candidates.
  • Rewards and Incentives: Match high expectations with a strong reward system to retain talent.
  • Avoid the ‘Please Everyone’ Trap: Don’t be afraid to define your niche; it builds a stronger, more cohesive company.

Passion: Learned or Inherent?

Oliver believes passion is a learned skill, not something you’re born with. Encourage continuous learning and skill development in yourself and your team:

  • Skill Acquisition = Value: Increase your value by acquiring new skills.
  • Opportunities Arise: Focus on self-improvement, and opportunities will follow.

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