If It’s Possible, It’s Possible For You – Success in Entrepreneurship with LaTisha Styles, Founder and CEO of You’ve Got Clients

By Jevon Wooden

In a recent episode of the podcast “Design Your Life and Business,” LaTisha Styles, renowned mentor, business coach, marketing consultant, and CEO of You’ve Got Clients, opened up about her personal journey to success in entrepreneurship, and the important role mindset played in it.

Who is LaTisha Styles?

LaTisha Styles has made a name for herself as a mentor for high achievers, specializing in creating six and seven-figure earners. Styles achieves this by helping her clients identify and dissolve subconscious blocks that prevent them from reaching their full potential. Despite experiencing success early in life – getting good grades and being praised for being the ‘good girl’ – she felt a nagging sense of underachievement, a sensation she later identified as subconscious blocks holding her back from attaining her full potential.

Over the years, Styles has harnessed this awareness to not only unblock her own potential but also help her clients do the same, positioning herself as a successful business coach and marketing mentor.

Doing Whatever It Takes

A mantra that Styles firmly believes in is that everyone deserves to achieve their dreams – but only if they decide to do whatever it takes to attain them. According to her, many people believe they deserve to have certain things or be in certain positions because of their accomplishments or stages in life. However, she stresses that ‘deserving’ and ‘should haves’ aren’t enough. Instead, you must be willing to do whatever it takes.

To illustrate her point, Styles shares a personal anecdote. During her college years, despite having a degree and a good academic record, she found it challenging to find a job and felt like she should be further along. It was then that a friend challenged her, asking her what she intended to do about her situation. That was the moment Styles realized that despite her achievements, she wasn’t doing ‘whatever it took.’

She held a belief that certain jobs were beneath her because of her degree, but she eventually had to let go of that notion and humble herself. Styles began working as a personal assistant for an entrepreneur, delivered sandwiches, and did whatever it took to put herself in a financial position where she could support herself and be ready when opportunity came knocking.

Her story serves as a valuable lesson for many, demonstrating that success is not just about possessing skills or degrees, but also about the willingness to do whatever it takes. And when it comes to achieving success in entrepreneurship, LaTisha Styles is a shining example of how resilience, determination, and the right mindset can lead to extraordinary results. Her motto is simple, yet profoundly impactful – “If it’s possible, it’s possible for you”.

Embracing the Road Less Traveled

For many, the idea of dipping into their retirement fund is a fearful concept. It’s against the norm, and it goes against everything we’ve been taught about personal finance and saving for the future. However, for LaTisha Styles, this unconventional method was a ticket to her entrepreneurial journey. Equipped with a finance degree and a deep understanding of money’s real value, she made a daring decision.

LaTisha decided that she was going to be effective in the present instead of squirreling away for a distant future. She bet on herself, confident in the idea that if it’s possible, it’s possible for her too. “Money today is worth more than money tomorrow,” she said. Understanding this concept allowed her to take a calculated risk that paid off tremendously. Not only did she pay off her high-interest debts, but she also built a million-dollar business and erased a significant student loan debt.

The Power of Persistence

The entrepreneur journey is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a path filled with ups and downs, uncertainties, and challenges. However, for those with a clear vision and unshakeable belief in their potential, the rewards can be immense. LaTisha is a testament to this fact. Even when things were challenging, she held onto her belief that if something was possible for someone else, it was equally possible for her. This mindset fueled her perseverance, ultimately leading her to tremendous success.

Her story is a powerful reminder for anyone navigating their entrepreneurial journey. The path may be uncertain and sometimes uncomfortable, but the rewards can be incredibly fulfilling. More than the financial gains, it’s about the sense of accomplishment and the freedom that comes with being your own boss.

Funding Your Dreams

The question of funding is a common obstacle for aspiring entrepreneurs. Traditional advice often focuses on securing investors or loans, but LaTisha’s story is a refreshing perspective on the topic. It showcases the reality that sometimes, funding your dream requires making bold and unconventional decisions.

In her case, borrowing from her retirement fund was the catalyst for her entrepreneurial journey. It was a move frowned upon in the finance world, but it was one that allowed her to be financially effective in the present. Her strategy was to make her retirement fund irrelevant by creating an asset that would produce cash flow in her retirement years. She wasn’t just saving for the future; she was actively creating her future.

If It’s Possible, It’s Possible For You

LaTisha Styles’ story embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship. Her willingness to take calculated risks, coupled with her belief in her potential, transformed her life and business. She serves as an inspiration for others, proving that if something is possible, it’s possible for you, too.

Remember, as an entrepreneur, you don’t need to follow the conventional path. Sometimes, it’s the road less traveled that leads to the greatest successes. It’s about making strategic decisions, staying true to your vision, and doing whatever it takes to achieve your dreams.

Your entrepreneurial journey is yours to design. If it’s possible, it’s possible for you.

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Jevon Wooden, CEO of BrightMind Consulting Group, is a business coach and consultant, keynote speaker, author, and Bronze Star Recipient passionate about marketing, sales, technology, and helping motivated entrepreneurs and businesses increase clarity, confidence, and cash flow while having more time to focus on what matters.