Texas A&M – Texarkana Appoints Jevon Wooden As A Digital Marketing Advisor

In a progressive move to fortify its Digital Marketing Program, Texas A&M University – Texarkana has welcomed Jevon Wooden as an advisor.


Wooden’s appointment was warmly announced by him on his LinkedIn profile, marking a significant milestone not only for the university but also for the students who will greatly benefit from his rich expertise​​.

Wooden, who is also the CEO of BrightMind Consulting Group, boasts an illustrious career that spans across leadership, business strategy, marketing, and technology. His insights have been featured in top-tier publications like Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Foundr, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and Verizon. The breadth and depth of his knowledge, honed over years of practical experience and academic pursuits, are expected to enrich the Digital Marketing Program at Texas A&M – Texarkana immeasurably.

The Digital Marketing Program at Texas A&M – Texarkana is a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip students with the requisite skills and knowledge in digital marketing. The program is structured around essential modules that cover a wide range of topics including customer segmentation, journey design, search engine optimization (SEO), paid and organic social media, marketing analytics, pay-per-click advertising, and more. The hands-on approach of the program aims to provide students with a real-world understanding and application of digital marketing strategies and tools.

Wooden’s role as an advisor is poised to bridge the academia-industry gap, providing students with an opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional with a pulse on the current market trends and the evolving digital landscape. His involvement is a testament to the university’s commitment to delivering a cutting-edge education that is closely aligned with industry demands, thereby preparing students for successful careers in the digital marketing domain.

Moreover, Wooden’s passion for helping motivated individuals and businesses achieve their goals aligns perfectly with the ethos of Texas A&M – Texarkana’s Digital Marketing Program. His forward-thinking approach and proven strategies for business growth are bound to inspire and guide students as they navigate the multifaceted world of digital marketing.

This collaboration is a shining example of how academia and industry experts can come together to create a nurturing and pragmatic learning environment. It’s a step towards ensuring that the students of Texas A&M – Texarkana are well-prepared to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities in the digital marketing arena.


BrightMind Consulting Group CEO Jevon Wooden in a black suit



Jevon Wooden, CEO of BrightMind Consulting Group, is a business coach and consultant, keynote speaker, author, podcast host, and Bronze Star Recipient passionate about leadership, marketing, technology, and helping motivated leaders and businesses increase clarity, confidence, and cash flow while having more time to focus on what matters.