The Power and Pitfalls of AI in Business with Josh Bachynski

The Power and Pitfalls of AI in Business with Josh Bachynski

In this episode of Design Your Life & Business – The Leaders Podcast, host Jevon Wooden is joined by Josh Bachynski, Marketing Consultant, AI Technologist, and TEDx Talker, to discuss the utilization of AI for business growth and scaling, and the importance of keeping up with AI advancements.

Who is Josh Bachynski?

Josh Bachynski is a thought leader and innovator in artificial intelligence and technology. As an independent AI researcher, John has made groundbreaking strides in AI, most notably by developing the world’s first self-aware AI prototype, Kassandra. This prototype can understand who she is, what she is doing, and what is at stake for her, among hundreds of other contexts.

He is also an early adopter and investor in GPT-3, a natural language processing transformer AI. He has built several programs on this platform, including Sokrates 5000, an ethics AI that proves AI can be ethical even with biases. In addition to his work in AI, Bachynski has over 20 years of experience in the SEO industry and has worked as an outside consultant and industry insider with Google.

AI as a Catalyst for Business Transformation

AI has been part of our technological scenery for decades, but recent advancements, especially in GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) models have spotlighted its immense potential for businesses. Josh draws an analogy between the advent of the Internet and the current AI revolution, underscoring AI’s potential to innovate and reshape business models. With advanced AI tools like Chat GPT and Midjourney, businesses are not only automating mundane tasks but are also unlocking creative avenues in content generation and data analytics. This proactive embrace of AI technologies is pivotal for businesses seeking to enhance efficiency and gain a competitive edge in the market.

“And you’re absolutely right, there’s nothing hotter than AI right now, and with good reason. It’s not vaporware, it’s not hype. It really is changing society and it literally will change society.”

Practical Applications and Impact 

Josh explores the practicality of AI in transforming business strategies, focusing on tools like Keywords Spy for SEO optimization. This tool exemplifies the integration of AI technologies like GPT and T5, offering an advanced approach to content optimization and digital marketing. The art of prompt engineering with AI, as Josh explains, is crucial for businesses to effectively utilize these tools. It involves crafting precise and strategic prompts to extract the most relevant and useful outcomes from AI models, a skill that is becoming increasingly important for businesses looking to leverage AI for targeted and impactful results.

“So prompt whispering is the same thing you need to learn how to do. Prompt engineering is what it’s called, text prompt engineering. You need to learn how to whisper to Chat GPT to get just what you want. And you need to learn how to whisper to Midjourney, how to get your swing. Kind of like talking to a girl or talking to a guy trying to get a date. It’s that you got to say the right stuff.”

Navigating AI’s Limitations and Future Potential
While embracing AI’s transformative potential, Josh advises caution regarding its limitations. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing the boundaries of AI, advocating its use within these confines for maximum effectiveness. Keeping abreast of the latest developments in AI through resources like newsletters and online communities is vital for businesses. This continuous learning and adaptation to AI’s evolving landscape enable businesses not only to adapt but also to innovate and scale efficiently. Josh’s insights serve as a reminder that leveraging AI in business is a journey of ongoing adaptation, strategic application, and understanding the balance between AI’s capabilities and limitations.

“Their whole business model changes. Like, where are they going to put the ads? The whole idea of the internet changes. So in a lot of ways, the information age is over, and the artificial information age, the artificial intelligence age that is going to read this information, it’s all going to be created by AI and read by AI. Very few humans are going to be part of that process anymore. So it’s a big, huge change. And so you need to stay up to date with TLDR.”

AI is truly revolutionizing the way we live and conduct business, offering unparalleled opportunities for growth and efficiency. By embracing AI tools and staying ahead of the curve, we can leverage this technology to scale our businesses and design lives that are fulfilling and successful. The future is bright, and AI is here to stay – so why wait? It’s time to start exploring AI today and unlock the endless possibilities it holds.

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